Green Building Consultancy Services

What Is Green Building?

Green building or sustainable design increases the effectiveness with which constructions and their sites utilise energy, water, and materials while minimising impacts on human health and the environment over the course of a building's life cycle. Beyond the enclosing of buildings, green building principles also address site, neighbourhood, and land-use planning concerns.

Why Is Green Building Important?

Given the rapid expansion and growth of India's infrastructure, it is essential for the building industry to act responsibly in protecting the environment and pursuing sustainable development. Our natural environment is significantly impacted by the extension and development of our communities. Much of our natural resources are used in the buildings where we reside for manufacturing, design, construction, and operation.

Benefits Of Green Building

There are three categories, environmental, financial, and social, that can be used to categorise the advantages of green buildings.


Weather and the environment are the most significant forms of advantages that green buildings provide. In many circumstances, green buildings can have a beneficial impact on the environment (at the scale of the building or city), by producing their own energy or boosting biodiversity, in addition to reducing or eliminating negative environmental consequences by using less water, energy, or natural resources.


A variety of people or groups of people can profit from green buildings' numerous economic or financial advantages. Benefits include cost savings on utility bills for renters or households (via energy and water efficiency), cheaper construction costs, and better property values for building developers; decreased construction costs and increased occupancy rates or operating costs for building owners and job creation.


The advantages of green building extend beyond the economy and the environment and have also been proven to have sound social effects. Several of these advantages relate to the health and happiness of those who live or work in green spaces.

Our Services

Several rating systems are used to identify green buildings. We provide green building consulting services to buildings that are based on the standards, which can earn LEED, IGBC, or GRIHA certifications and help you achieve going green.

Several environmentally beneficial measures are incorporated into green buildings, which lower operating expenses. The use of non-toxic, recyclable building materials that are friendly to the environment, effective water usage and recycling, energy-efficient technology, and indoor air quality assurance are the indications of green buildings.

Certifications Offered