MEP Design Consultancy Services


We are very keen to maximize the output by coordinate within our electromechanical technical services team We ourselves believes that Multi Engineering consulting Service is a business that we assures each project is being approached with a high degree of professionalism by our experienced design team. It remains that company's goal to build a reputation for quality workmanship, flexibility and timely completion of projects to the premier standards.

Generally, our scope of work for the said services in Different stages of the Project is as follows

I. Design Phase:

  • Accumulation and review of plans and other available basic data.
  • Providing concepts in co-ordination with Architects & other service consultants.
  • Preparation of initial design studies, consistent with the design theme being built up for the project and coordinated via meetings with the client’s and Architects and with other service consultants.

II. Documentation and Drawings/Office Work:

  • Preparation of Design Brief Report.
  • Preparation of Preliminary scheme drawings.
  • Preparation of Detailed working drawing.
  • Preparation of Budgetary estimates, technical specifications and bill of quantities / documentation for the above said works.
  • Serve the clients in calling for tender, evaluating tenders received, tender interviews and present a report to the Owner / Client.

III. Construction/Execution/Handing over the project:

  • Conduct periodical visits to site during the construction/ as and when needed, to ascertain the character of work and access the progress as indicated in the drawings and specifications.
  • To review contractors shop drawings and submittals.
  • To inspect for substantial completion and final completion certificate and issue the same to contractor with the employer’s permission.
  • Supervision of final testing and commissioning of the entire system and successfully handing over the Project.

Mechanical: HVAC&R Design Services:

We provide competent designs & methodical approach towards sizing the equipment’s by taking various factors into account such as climate, building design, orientation, space usage, zoning to optimize energy utilization, etc., We prefer Energy efficient systems which includes low IKW systems like VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems, efficient chillers, VFD (Variable frequency drive) systems, VAV (Variable Air Volume) Boxes for efficient Air distribution, Treated Fresh Air System for Better IAQ, IBMS (Integrated Building Management systems) for effective management, ERV (Energy recovery ventilators), DCV (Demand control ventilation), etc.,

Our Scope of work will be as follows:

  • Feasibility Study based on the Architectural drawings.
  • On site Feasibility Study.
  • Proposing the systems based on Load estimation.
  • Proposing better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solutions in the System Design
  • Conceptual planning & Comparative study on the different systems
  • Payback analysis.
  • Estimating the BOQ based on the approval of conceptual.
  • Acquiring offers from the different suppliers.
  • Techno Commercial Comparative study based on the offers received.
  • Recommendation to award the contract based on comparative study.
  • Periodic site inspection for the better Project Management
    • Kick-off meeting.
    • Material inspection.
    • Cross verification of the works.
    • Nitrogen Pressure testing on the refrigerant pipes
    • Duct Leak Testing
    • Testing & Commissioning
  • Approval of As built drawings
  • Assistance to Operations team for Better IAQ & Energy Optimisation.

Electrical Design Services (Associated)


  • Design brief report.
  • Preparation of Data sheets and Engineering Specifications
  • Electrical Load details
  • Methods of Energy conservation.
  • Preparation of approved materials list.
  • Bill of quantities (BOQ) & Budgetary Estimation.
  • Lux calculation charts
  • Actual cost analysis.
  • EB, DG & UPS load details charts.
  • Solar energy conversion methods and calculation charts.


  • Substation, 2 Pole structure, Transformer yard and compact LBS details.
  • EB pillar box, trench and Hume pipe with manhole chambers details.
  • Metering panel, M V panel and distribution boards details.
  • DG sets, and its auto changeover and load sharing method details.
  • External and internal load distribution circuit details.
  • Electrical schematic single line detailed drawing.
  • Lightning arrestor & provision of earthing details
  • Cable tray & Trunking management system details.
  • Floor wise switch control, LIGHT & POWER point detail of drawings.
  • Floor wise electrical roof slab PVC Conduit layout plan drawings
  • Data, Telephone & TV network details.
  • Fire alarm and safety and fire panel details.
  • CCTV networking, smoke detector, public address systems details.
  • False ceiling fixture detail drawings.
  • Terrace floor and external lighting and power details drawing.
  • Solar power, UPS power back up & Calculation detailed drawings.

PHE, Fire Protection System & Allied works (Associated)

We Provide feasibility reports/diagrams/presentation layouts for submitting papers to statutory boards such as MOEF, LEED certification, EIA, Fire force department and local body authorities etc., Design Reports and Hydraulic calculations (with compliance to the standards) for the services such as Plumbing, Fire Protection system, Hot water generation systems, Treatment plants, Pumps and appurtenances etc.,

We carry out site surveys before starting with design proposal for the project. To identify the location of bore well, storm drains, municipal sewer, contour/ ground profile, existing nalas, high flood level, ground water table etc.,

With the data’s collected from the site survey prepare preliminary schematic layouts and present the design proposal of the proposed services to the Clients, Architects and other Service Consultants.

While designing the system apply suitable technologies/ advanced methods depending upon the Site/Client requirements and also considering the fact of economical inflations and declination.

Energy and environmental Conservation practices like solar water heating system, rain water harvesting, gravity system for water distribution, etc., are adopted while Designing the systems.


  • Plumbing Fixtures.
  • Soil, waste and vent pipe system.
  • Rainwater pipes.
  • Water supply system.
  • Building sewers.
  • Storms water disposal.


  • Garden Hydrant System
  • Solar hot water heating.
  • Water treatment for domestic use.
  • Fountains and water - bodies.
  • Water supply pumping / hydro pneumatic system.
  • Reverse osmosis plant.


  • Sewage systems collection, conveyance / pumping to treatment plants.
  • Waste - water recycling and reuse.
  • Water supply collection, treatment, pumping and distribution systems.
  • External storm water disposal / management.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems.


  • Fire Fighting Solutions
  • Hydrant system, Sprinklers & Fire Pumps
  • Signages